Stockholm Design Week 2016

Stockholm Design Weeks runs parallel to Stockholm Furniture Fair and is basically a collection of loosely related events and venues strung together throughout the city. SDW doesn’t have a central venue or main stage but but as a whole SDW – all the events, exhibitions, showrooms, parties, unofficial programs – outlines a topography of current design in the north. From the brand and producer showrooms of the Stockholm Design District to curated exhibitions such as The New Map the range is to say the least – broad.

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Stockholm Design Week p.3

Although the Stockholm Furniture Fair is the center of Stockholm Design Week, there are plenty of venues and events around the city showcasing an immense amount of talent For this third, and much delayed installment, we’ll have a look at the some of these events including the Örnsberg Auction, Cray Collective and We Live Here.

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015, selected p.2: Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a separate space within the Stockholm Furniture Fair showcasing design school projects and up-and-coming designers, needless to say this is usually the most interesting place at the fair.  All participants are selected by a jury, some of which have started out in the Greenhouse themselves, for example Jens Fager of this year’s jury. The stage for this year’s edition of the Greenhouse was designed by Note Design Studio.

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